AZTEK the Ultimate Man #’s 1 – 10 (complete series)


AZTEK the Ultimate Man #’s 1 – 10 (complete series)


Synopsis: From the visionary minds of writers Grant Morrison and Mark Millar comes a new DC Universe series with a new kind of hero—one with truly fantastic powers, a limitless sense of wonder, and a refreshing nobility of heart that will fire your imagination and renew your love of comics. Readers weary of psychotic vigilantes and angst-driven executioner “”heroes”” will find Aztek an invigorating change of pace—a fast-moving, action-packed, intelligent adventure that will challenge your preconceptions and delight you.

Trained from birth, he is the pinnacle of human perfection, his unique armor giving him powers and abilities far greater than most of Earth’s heroes. Like all those who came before him, his life has been dedicated to guarding against a great and ancient evil bent on the destruction of humankind. Like his predecessors, Aztek does not know when evil will strike…only that he must be ready when it does.

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