Hulk, The Incredible Vol 1 #239


Hulk, The Incredible Vol 1 #239


Condition: VFN – NM


When the Hulk wakes up on top of Mount Rushmore, he realizes that a couple of soldiers are trying to capture him. But the Goldbug shows up aboard his spaceship and turns both soldiers into golden statues. Hulk appreciates the Goldbug’s help and boards the ship. Clay Quartermain and his squad of war planes can do anything to stop them. In the spaceship, Hulk is tricked by the Goldbug and is trapped by metal handles that absorb his power. The Goldbug intents to fuel his starship with the Hulk’s gamma radiation. But the triumvirate called “Them” causes a malfunction to the villain’s ship and Hulk breaks free. The ship drops down and crashes. But the Hulk grabbed the Goldbug and leaped outside the ship before impact. Hulk is about to punch the Goldbug but an old man comes out from the mist calling him “Savior”.

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