Hulk, The Incredible Vol 1 #274


Hulk, The Incredible Vol 1 #274


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Synopsis for “Home the Hard Way!”
The Hulk cuts hundreds of trees and brings them to a Canadian sawmill. He feels sorry for pushing the Insectoids away, and promises to use his might more cleverly. On the way back to the US, he spots a broken bridge before the train goes through it. His weight breaks the bridge even more and the train falls to the pit. Hulk grabs it and puts it back in the rails. The passengers claim he’s a monster and Banner reacts like the savage Hulk. But he soon leaps away heading for the frontier. He wants to walk in but the army tries stopping him. Grenades and bullets can’t halt the green giant who just wants to come back home. Finally, the Hulk leaps towards the desert cave where he last saw Betty Ross and Rick Jones. Meanwhile, Beeret takes Betty and Rick to Gamma base in her techno art plane.

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