Spider-Man, Superior #33


Spider-Man, Superior #33

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Synopsis for “Edge of Spider-Verse Prologue – Part 2″
On Earth-2818, Karn continues his hunt for all the spiders, chasing this Earth’s Spider-Man on the West Side Yards. As Karn gains the upper hand and strikes that Spider-Man with his weapon, he reveals that he’s actually a cyborg. Karn warns him that his weapons won’t bring him down, but Cyborg Spidey replies that he’s aware of that so he brought some resistance, in the shape of the Superior Spider-Man’s Army of Spiders who launch and full front assault on him, thanks to Otto’s upgraded weapon based on Karn’s energy signature. Some of the Spiders comment about Otto while the others reply that they must kill Karn now, sparking a small debate which Otto promptly finishes by saying that they will first interrogate Karn.

Otto questions about his mission, which Karn replies that it’s simply Hunting all the Spiders, which is what his species does. He also reveals that his family will be no match for them since his weapon will eventually become ineffective. The Spiders make another full front assault but Karn’s strength makes it useless until suddenly someone makes another attack, taking down Six-Armed Spider-Man and Cyborg Spider-Man. The attackers are revealed to be Brix and Bora, Karn’s brother and sister, who interrupted Karn’s attack to steal them from him, prompting Otto to call for a retreat, taking advantage of the brothers’ fallout. After Spider-Monkey intercepts Bora’s attack, the Spider-Army manages to escape to Otto’s base.

Once there, the group discuss about the difficulty of the battle, now that there are other like Karn spreading around, spiking Otto’s anger at them. He leaves the group for a while in order to clear his head, talking with his A.I. Anna which alleviates him. After he returns, Otto starts to spare missions to the Army members, he assigns Cyborg to check the 2099 database for anything related to their attackers, he sends Hindi Spidey and Noir to check ay alternate dimensions in order to find the home of Karn, and sends Spider-Monkey and Six-Armed to check the timestream for any time displaced attacks. Then he stays with Spider-Girl and Assassin Spidey since they all share the same mindset of killing in order to accomplish the mission, which even Otto relays as committing genocide against Karn’s species since it’s the best way to do so, to which Spider-Girl replies that she agrees that they must kill in order to win the war, even if the other spiders stand in their way.

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