Team Titans #06


Team Titans #06

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Synopsis for “It Should Have Been a Wonderful Life”
The Team Titans part company with Metallik and try to find a place for themselves in this era. They soon come to discover however, that as their native future timeline no longer exists, their respective pasts no longer exist either. Kilowatt returns to his home town of New Orleans to visit his aunt and uncle, only to learn that they are no longer his relatives. Mirage has no family to return to, and must come to grips with the fact that she killed her own father in her timeline. Nightrider travels to London and saves the life of a boy named David – a boy that could have been him in an alternate timeline. Battalion goes to Radio City Music Hall in the hopes of reuniting with a lost love, only to find that she is engaged to somebody else. Terra meanwhile, discovers that the Terra of this timeline was a villain who died while fighting the Teen Titans.

With no one else to turn to but each other, the Teamers go to Donna and Terry Long’s place where they celebrate Christmas with the Titans.

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